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installing openrct2 by pointing to original CD

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Is it possible to install openrct2  by selecting the original CD of rollercoaster tycoon 2 WITHOUT installing this CD first to my computer?


I have read this line in the readme: "Alternatively you can manually specify the location of where your RCT2 data files are. These may be directly copied of the original disc and placed in a directory of your choice."


Can somebody explain me what folders of the original CD I have to copy and what folder I have to choose when openrct2 starts for the first time. So without installing the  original CD first.

If this is possible!



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I'm pretty sure the files on disk are in an archive format and need to be extracted before they can be used with OpenRCT2; I don't think pointing OpenRCT2 directly at the disk will work. If you are able to run the installer, this is likely the easiest way to get the files you need (all it really does is extract the files and copy them to disk), but if you can't run the installer because you're not on Windows, you should be able to use other archive software to extract the files. Just check what format they're in (I think it might be *.CAB) and look for archive software that can open it.

If the files are not in an archive, then you can use them directly. You want to select the directory which contains the rct2.exe executable (which you don't actually need), and the subdirectories"Data" and "ObjData".

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