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Problems saving track designs (with and without scenery)

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Hello all! Recently ran into a problem when saving track design which is quite irritating. Saving the actual design itself works fine but when I go to place the actual track design in a park, it will show the ghost of the track but when i place the ride it just disappears. I used to not get charged for the ride which was fine I suppose but after updating to the newest version (which would be 0.2.4 as of October 2019) Instead of placing and not getting charged, I now get charged. Quite unfortunate considering I made a custom "scenario" with scenery to serve as a better rollercoaster designer, which of course is now useless. Not sure if anyone else has ran into this problem or fixed it but if so please let me know!



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Are you on release or develop? If you're not sure, please provide the build hash in the title screen (which looks something like ab1c2de).

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Ah ok, you're running the 0.2.4 release. Could you upgrade to the latest develop and see if your problem persists?

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