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  1. apologies for the late response, my build hash is d645338 hope this helps!
  2. Hello all! Recently ran into a problem when saving track design which is quite irritating. Saving the actual design itself works fine but when I go to place the actual track design in a park, it will show the ghost of the track but when i place the ride it just disappears. I used to not get charged for the ride which was fine I suppose but after updating to the newest version (which would be 0.2.4 as of October 2019) Instead of placing and not getting charged, I now get charged. Quite unfortunate considering I made a custom "scenario" with scenery to serve as a better rollercoaster designer, which of course is now useless. Not sure if anyone else has ran into this problem or fixed it but if so please let me know! Best, Flossystuds
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