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Iceberg Islands chairlift problems

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I just started playing the scenario Iceberg Islands in original RCT1 with OpenRCT2.

I encounter 2 bugs with the chairlift:

1. I couldn't change the number of cars in the Chairlift and make it more. If I change it, it would always make it 1 car only.

2. From time to time, the first journey will count 4 times longer as the original travelling time, resulting in a huge penalty of excitement rating (that too much underground time for transport ride) and reduced to around 0.6.  



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1) This bug seems to have been with us for quite some time: it was already present in v0.2.2.

2) Hm, odd. Not sure what would cause it. If you can determine a set of steps to trigger the problem, that would help tremendously.

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