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Can't fix ride no matter what I do

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Hello. I have started a scenario (which one shouldn't matter), and I built a pre-made junior coaster. There was a little complexity in the paths to get there, but the guests found their way there regardless. With that said, the mechanics should also have been able to get there. Thing is, they couldn't. So when the ride finally broke down, they couldn't get there for whatever reason. I tried to fix the ride manually after enabling debug, but that didn't fix anything. I redid the queue path so it's way simpler, but the mechanics still won't go to the ride. When I try to call a mechanic, it says they're all busy (they aren't.) help

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Mechanics enter the ride through the exit. Try rebuilding the path to the exit of the ride. If the path at the exit is not properly connected to the exit, guests can still leave the ride normally but mechanics can’t reach the ride.

Fixing the ride with debug tools should work in any case. If the issue persists, please upload the save file.

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