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Buying Shares

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I've always wished there'd be a mod to the game where there could be an index of parks around the world ( comp generated or human), and that you could buy and sell shares in those parks. 

It'd give you something to spend profits on and invest..    If you acquired 100% shares in another park you could have two parks paying Into the same bank balance..   Would be fun building a group of parks up as part of the same game. 

And when starting out could sell some shares to raise funds..  


One day :)



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Might be a really cool mod for server clusters.  Players could divide into "corporations" and manage multiple parks.

Either that or "Loan financing" allow one park to finance the loans of other parks as a means to save money for later and get interest.

There is always the risk of a park going under, in which case the loan money is lost.  People buying loans should be able to buy insurance for a portion of the interest they receive.

Of course, why not both? They both would fall into the category of a "money market" mod.

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