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Missing RCT2 Music


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OS: Windows 10
Sound: IDT High Definition Audio CODEC
Build: Latest full build (0.2.3 ac7a1eb)

I can't hear any music other than RCT1 Title Menu music on the title screen (by transferring css17.dat to my RCT2 folder). Setting the title music to just RCT2 means I can't hear any music at all. All sound effects work, as far as I can tell. I can hear guests talking, screaming while on rides, and clicking on various buttons all have a sound effect. I cannot hear any music while in a park. A Merry-go-Round, for instance, makes no noise even when running (the music is enabled for that ride).

I've checked as many sound settings as I could find. All sound sliders on my PC are at 100%. I can hear all other noises and the RCT1 Title Music just fine, and quite loud. I have the Sound Device set to Speakers/Headphones, since I have two speakers that I use for my PC, but changing to Default sound device does not change any of what I've just described.

I've attached a recording of the main menu, where I switch the title music from RCT2 to RCT1 and back again. Can anyone help with this issue? I'd greatly appreciate it.


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OK, if those are all the files in that folder, you're indeed missing all of the music files, since that is put in css3.dat through css46.dat.

Since you have the CD version, I think you have done a "Minimum" install. Please reinstall RCT2 and make sure you choose to do the full install.

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