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A Few Random Questions

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Hello again, 


I'm trying to recreate a music festival in open RCT2. I'm new to the game and all that it offers so It's definitely been challenging, but really fun! Along the way I've come up with some questions I could use some help with, so I figured I'd try and throw them out there to see if some of the more experienced players could give me any suggestions. It'd be greatly appreciated! (Please keep in mind I'm on Mac OS, as they may affect some of the file questions/answers below) 

1. This is kind of a big issue I ran into, so I'll explain the problem and break it into a few mini-questions. I started building the park off the Woodstock scenario. I put in close to 10hrs of work and realized down the line that I was going to run out of space to build everything I wanted to include in my replica to the proper scale. So I expanded the park in sandbox mode, but it doesn't seem that I can expand it in the directions that I need to based on what I've already built.. So my questions are... 

  • Can you change the direction in which the park expands? 
  • In Tile Inspector, can you copy and paste items from multiple tiles? 
  • In Tile Inspector, can you copy and paste all objects (or mutiple objects) on a tile, rather than individual objects? 


2. I'd like to recreate a large steep tent without custom items (as I still can't figure out how to import custom objects into the game).  The best way I've come up with so far is to stack/layer block pieces in a square with curved block pieces for corners. It's not bad, but could definitely be better, any suggestions?! (I tried posting a picture of the tent but the images wont upload...picture like a circular teepee shape, just very large!)


3. I guess that brings me to my next question. I tried downloading some .dat files and dropping the in both the following folders with no results:

roller coaster tycoon 2 triple thrill pack bundle/ObjData 

I also went into the toolbox in the title screen and opened the custom object folder and dropped them here as well: OpenRCT2/object

Neither worked, I assume this has something to do with me playing on a Mac, I'd really appreciate any suggestions with this as I've downloaded some really cool stuff I'd love to use in my park. 


4. More of a general Mac OS question, I cannot right click in the game to edit signs, delete scenery, etc. I've tried command+click, alt+click, control+click, shift+click. I've even tried to sort this out in the shortcut keys, but can't seem to find a way to make it work. I plan to get a mouse to play with, but in the meantime, and for when I cannot use my mouse (on the bus/couch/etc) is there a way to right-click on a Mac in the game? 


I've posted a few times in these forums and always had quick and serious responses. It's not what I expect every time, but I cannot tell you how thankful and appreciative I am for even getting any response at all. For such an old game, it's incredible to be able to get help with these sorts of things, and I find this community just incredible. I understand this is quite a long post, as I've mentioned above, any help would be truly appreciated.


Thanks so much guys, having so much fun playing this game!! 😄




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For question 1, the answers are no, no and no. Being able to select to which side the park expands, as well as non-square sizes, are planned, but it will still take a long time before they are implemented.

3. You should drop them in OpenRCT2/object. Also make sure you have restarted the game at least once.

I'm not that good with scenery, nor a Mac user, so I can’t help you any further with the other questions.

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Thanks for the help! From what I gathered on youtube I figured all 3 parts of 1 were not in the cards, had to at least ask as I'll certainly be rebuilding a decent amount.

As for 2 I did try restarting the game, not having luck with any custom scenery though. I'll have to look deeper into that. 

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update for anyone trying to right click on a newer mac-book pro - 

I did not realize my default right click gesture is clicking with 2 fingers. In System Preferences > Trackpad you can change this to be clicking in the bottom right, or bottom left of the track pad. Since I could see myself clicking in the bottom left or right in normal game play, I think sticking with the two-finger gesture would work best. 

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