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How do I make an incomplete coaster

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Some incomplete rides also make great scenery- you can leave them incomplete in a sort of intentionally unfinished build way or/and by deleting bits in build mode- can make for some great ride-bits-as-scenery, such as broken/abandoned coasters, sidings etc for transport rides (or storage track for coasters although Open RCT's cheats probably have better options for this). Even made one park with some riderless sfx-only coasters that would crash (with a setup where this wouldn't harm the aims of the scenario much) as a concept of an action movie style experience where riders would experience props, pyrotechnics and special effects that would make their experience all the more scary, a bit like the movie rides with explosions and stuff. Plenty of other uses, really suits things like abandoned park/ apocalypse or disaster/ similar theming. Playing around you can sometimes even 'trap' ride vehicles before you delete bits. Have had much creative fun with this.


It's also another way to do trackitecture. Coaster track etc can be used merely as scenery (bridges/archways/sculptures/ ride signage theming etc)

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