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Mini Suspended Coaster - Elevator Lift, Helix, Trim Brakes


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Hey. One thing I've noticed is that the Mini Suspended Coaster lacks a few of the real-life options that several of this type had in real life. Given that the Mini Suspended seems to be a relatively un-loved design for scenario usage due to the high nausea and higher cost than other "mini" coasters, I don't think either of these would unbalance the game for scenario play. Obviously if keeping original scenario limits in place is a must, it would make sense to have these as re-searchable pieces.

First up is the Elevator Lift system. I don't believe that any coaster in the game has a vertical lift system like this, but I assume one could be bodged using a combination of vertical track pieces and the Giga coaster's cable lift system (which would mimic the "one train at a time" system in the example). This would make the Mini suspended coaster far more compact to construct in a tight park, possibly making it much more useful in some scenarios, but it would dramatically reduce the vehicle throughput similar to the cable lift hill on the Giga coaster, as well as being restricted to only a single elevator-lift directly from the station.

Second is helixes. As the Mini Suspended is a swinging coaster much like the Suspended Swinging coaster, most real-life designs use a long downward-curving track to get the cars to swing, as opposed to the step-downs one is required to make in the current form. This would allow for more elegant, swooping descents, making the coaster less intense overall as fewer drops would be required to get the cars swinging.

Finally, trim brakes. It's unthinkable that a modern coaster such as this does not have any means of braking outside of friction. Honestly this one's more of a QoL thing for me rather than a must-have unique feature.

All three of these elements in a real-life mini-suspended design can be found in Legoland's now defunct "Spellbreaker" dueling coaster: 


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Any new element requires two things: the game must support the logic of the element and graphics must be available.

While the logic for brakes and helixes is clearly in the game (you can even add them to the mini suspended coaster using cheats), the graphics aren't (and you won't see the element). If anyone provides the graphics, they will probably be enabled in the game. I don't know whether the cable lift code can be reused for elevators, but even if that is possible, sprites still need to be provided.

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