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Halo RCT2

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So, just for complete nostalgia, and the fact that no one has done it yet, I've decided to whip up something you Halo fans out there will enjoy. Introducing, Halo RCT2.


So, first off, I started this special build by creating a custom Title Screen Sequence. I'll dive more into that in a moment. So, I'll start out of the Title Screen music. The game has two themes, RCT2's normal theme "css17.dat" and the original RCT1 theme "css50.dat". Now the RCT1 music can be achieved in two ways. First, in the options, you can select the original RCT1 installation directory, OR you could just copy css.50.dat to the Data folder of RCT2. But, what if there was a way to change the music? Well, it's totally possible. I used Audacity, and I set to 22050 hertz, and then I clicked Export and saved the file as "Other media folders" or whatever to css50.dat. In reality, these .dat files are .wav files, and Audacity will save it like this. Anyways, I saved this in the Data folder and bam, custom music. Of course, the custom music was the original Halo theme from Halo CE.

Next step. What about scenarios? Well, pretty simple. Halo 4 and 5 are just the worst art styles, mainly due to Bungie selling Halo to Microsoft. So I recreated 6 maps which are big in Halo sure, but in RCT2, you don't have much room, so get ready for quite a challenge. Here's the following maps:

Halo Reach Installation 04 from Halo Anniversary:


Halo Reach Spire:


Halo 3 Valhalla:


Halo 3 Last Resort:


Halo 3 Snowbound:


Halo 3 Sandtrap:


Now, these 6 scenarios make up the titlescreen sequence I created. Not much, I know, but it's a start. I'll probably make more recreations to post here, as well as an updated titlescreen sequence. For now, these are it. Titlescreen Sequence and music: https://nsmbhd.net/file/va3N44eF1LWC7poj/Titlescreen Music and Sequence.zip

Have fun! I mean, good luck Spartan.


Halo Reach - Installation 04 2019-04-18 17-40-23.png

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