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I was wanting to create a mostly sandbox landscape that optimizes prebuilt rides and scenery.  Meaning I dont want to really create anything myself.  Just place all the rides.  So for example, I not doing any boat hire or transport rides...... I am sure this has been done already, but I cant seem to find it.   Anyone know where I can find it?

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I guess I didnt word what I was saying correctlly.... basically what I am asking  is i want to more pr less create my own scenario using vanilla rct2.  In the scenario editor where you pick scenery themes up to 19 and using prebuilt rides that are vanilla rct2.... I have been working on finding an optimal combination.  So far I have started with the prebuilt water rides and came up with mine, mythical, western, Jurassic, jungle,  giant garden.. and something else but not at my comouter right now.  This allows me to make all the prebuilt water rides except one.  And depending on the order that I click the themes in, the water ride that cant be made changes.    What I am asking is has anybody figured out the an optimal combination that will allow the mostest rides that will still includes the scenery?

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I understand what you mean now, but I can't really help you. It's quite a specific requirement, I'm not sure anyone has looked into it.


What you can do is leave some scenery slots unfilled, and add scenery items later as you need them. This still requires you to know which scenery items are required to build your design, which the game doesn't show you. That might be a nice feature to have.

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Well i figured out a decent one now... it was by trial and error....... the settings I have it allows for all prebuilt wooden coasters.  A good amount of all the other coasters.  And just about at least one of every prebuilt ride.  It is not necessarily THE most optimal, but pretty close.  I think the only way it could be better is to go into the advanced scenery part of the core game and pick actual trees or walls, etc being used... but if I were to do all that I might as well create my own scenes which ibdont want to do, thus the reason for my moniker....

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