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Scenario indexes for custom scenarios


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You know how OpenRCT has the ability to progressively unlock scenarios that came with RCT1 and 2, right?  Well...as it stands now, those are the only scenarios for which the unlocking (indexing) feature is available. 

It would greatly enhance gameplay to also have this feature for custom scenarios.  You would create a group of scenarios (Beginner, Challenging, or Expert), create an index for the scenarios, and password-protect the progressive unlocking feature for that group of scenarios.  Custom scenario packs would live up to their name with this feature.

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This has been suggested a few times and has received a warm welcome by the devs, so expect this to be implemented at some point. There are just a few other things that need to be done first (UI an file related stuff) and it competes with other nice-to-have features. If someone is working on it, you will see a pull request appear on GitHub. Don’t expect it anytime soon though. If you need it as soon as possible, you can code it and submit a pull request yourself.

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