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Willy's World

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September 1942:In the southern regions of Canada a large part of wilderness is in hands of a rich CEO of a Canadian oil company. Hoping to find oil on the land in times of war, the man searches for 3 years, after concluding there was no oil in the area. At the end of the war, people were seeking enjoyment to cheer themselves up. Wilfred Alberts had the great idea to build a theme park. And he thought the ideal spot for a theme park was the failed oil project terrain. The terrain was sold to Wilfred for a very low price.In 1947 he got a 5000 dollar loan from a local bank, who saw some potential in the project. Thinking they could get all the money back with high interest. Wilfred named the park: Willy's World.The first picture of Willy's World:View image

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In the same year (1947) Wilfred decided it would be a good idea to build some food and drink stands. And with extra money he borrowed from the local bank, who still saw the theme park as a great idea he was able to afford to design and build a small wooden roller coaster. The roller coaster was only 600 meters long and experts concluded it was a fairly exciting but slightly rough ride. They rated the excitement at 6.34 and the intensity at a slightly higher 6.64. None of the experts got sick after riding the roller coaster. Wilfred was very proud after he heard the good results. He called the coaster: "The New Age". The brand new roller coaster and the newly built shops:View image

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- 1950 Two new attractions have been added to the park. View imageThe most modern ride was the newly developed Space Ring's ride. Wilfred called the ride Space!.Another new ride was a mill chute ride called: The Sawmill.But trouble started in 1951. When the park got in some financial trouble. The bank refused to give out another loan, and Wilfred was unable to expand the park for several years.

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- 1955With various new attractions added to the park, Willy's World began to take shape:[yt]5-ZxMV4mZrA[/yt]The new wooden mouse ride wasn't that great. The critics though it was rather boring. People visiting the park had a different opinion. They didn't have much to complain about the ride. By the way Rune, any good way of implementing a YouTube video in a forum post?

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