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[Solved] Messed Palette on a Save Game

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Recently on my personal project park, I noticed the palette is brighter than it should be. I have tried to backtracking where the problem first came but comes with nothing. As a comparison:


Left side is the bugged one, right side is the normal one.

How does this happened in the first place? I did nothing out of ordinary such as sv6 hex editing, just cheats within the game

The save is attached here.


Opera of the Wasteland3.zip

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A few things to try:

Check your settings, disable day/night cycling. Check if toggling weather effects / lightning makes any difference.

In-game, go to object selection (you need to enable debugging tools for that) and (temporarily) select a new water color. Changing the water color changes the entire palette of the game, though the only differences are usually only in the water colors.

You're not the first with this problem. Search around this forum for that other topic to see if there’s a solution there.

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Tried what you have told, none works. I'll check the forums then.

EDIT: After several rechecking, turns out the issue was with the "enable lightning effect". I remember enabling it to see how it looks during the night. Thanks!

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