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Back when the OpenRCT2 parks opened for the season (March) and just after breaking my own excitement record (going above 9 for the first time) I had to quit OpenRCT2 due to a missing file preventing me from loading certain parks (IIRC it was some mini coaster). Now I decided to come back, and the first lesson: Never update many versions at once! I still haven't managed to run the latest version (0.2.1) , and once I get to do so I'll check if I still need that file or it has already been replaced by an open source sprite. Once all of this is solved, I'll return to my take on RCT1 parks, continuing from Leafy Lake, as well as returning to the Group Parks (if they are still done).

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Thanks! I've already solved those issues. I've also managed to enter my old computer to get the file I needed back in March. Turns out it is not needed anymore, but it takes aaaaages for a save to load if it needs that file and isn't avalaible.

Besides, I have had these spells of playing RCT2 and then breaking for a while for quite some time now, dating back to when I was in the old computer.

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