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lan/online problems

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i have problems setting up a sever with a friend over hamachi (on the network). we cant connect with each other... it stays at authenticating.. and after a minunt it says connection broken. no data.

even with lan we cant connect with each other.... ik disabled my macafee but with no succes. :(

can you help me fix this problem?

hope to hear from you soon.


(canyouseeme.org is b**sh*t cuz is says evey port is closed.. even port 80 and im still on the internet writing this post :P )

( we have the same version of openrct2)

(there is no background program open)

(and i can typ 1 post every day so i change my first post )






even port 80 is closed.................................................. so i think the site is broken cuz port 80 is clearly open. but i forwarded the port but no success

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Did you port forward your router?  Are you able to see it open at http://www.canyouseeme.org/?  Are you both using the same version of OpenRCT2?  Did you check your firewall, is there any other programs running that might claim the port your using... like Steam?

It kinda sounds like there maybe some dirty bandwidth going on... make sure everything else in the background that is using the internet is shut down, might clean it up for it.

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If the port that you're using for OpenRCT is closed on canyouseeme.org, then the other trying to connect to you isn't going to see you or be able to connect to you either.  Try setting yourself up as the DMZ host to check the open ports on canyouseeme.org again... this is just temporary, just to see if your ports are being blocked by your ISP and if you have the port forward setup correctly.

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Im late here, but: i have the solution. If your friend is the host, type correctly his IPv4 adress in the add server, followed by a '':'' and next the port. The port can be anything between 20 and 80 i guess. For me, port 36 works. So it would be something like:  . (Your friend has to type 36 in the port instead of the standard 11753)




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