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Running openRCT in "--headless" mode (root server)

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Headless mode dosn't seem to start and the vServer dosn't have any grafics card (or is beeing Dos'ed) because the game runs at 0.25 FPS.

Its a windows 2012 R2 vRoot (4 cores / 8gb ram)


The command is:

"C:\Users\________\Documents\OpenRCT2\bin\openrct2.exe" host "C:\Users\________\Documents\OpenRCT2\save\Pixels.sv6" -port 11753 --headless

I tried it via admin and normal user. Ports are also enabled in the firewall.



The headless mode also dosn't work for my local PC either. (Windows 10)

Only normal mode works fine.

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Via "Remote Desktop" on the root server.
Launching the game, and evey 4 secound -> one Frame. Roughly 0.25 fps.


As i said: i can not launch openRCT2 without grafics and interface for some reason.

Not on the server and not on my PC. I could ask a friend with a linux server to test this as well. Maybe he has more luck than me.


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