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A Good Test quiz (Just for fun)

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Hi there, my username is GDL and I'm going to make a good quiz game for everyone here. You can choose a few options that mostly identify as yourself in the game.

1-You're starting a new park and you have 10k.000$ of money and the park is a free to enter and pay for rides. What would you start firstly?
A- I'll build some gentle rides first and add a few staffs.
B- I'd build a good roller coaster and/or borrow a bit of the loan if it's needed.
C- I'd like to build some thrill rides and hire a bunch of staffs patroling each part of the park.

2-You are starting a new park with a different challenge: the park is now a pay to enter and free for rides,but in this park the park's guest entry rate is difficult making the park difficult to gain some money by paying by entering the park.What would you do in this situation?
A- Borrow a bit of the loan to build more rides to increase the values and attract more guests to have more money later.
B- Build a good looking ride and use the merchandising to attract more guests as possible (maybe using the half discount entrance as well).
C- Decrease the price of the park's entrance until the park you have attracted more guests.

3-You're managing a very filthy park with a lot of vandalized benches,lamps and litter bins. Also you have to repay the huge loan (about 50.000$) of that scenario including increasing the park vaule to a high value (about 100.000).What would you do to this situation?
A- Hire a bunch of handymen and guards first and then build some rides that help me to gain a good money (specially if the park is a pay to ride/free to enter).
B- Remove all the footpaths,rides and scenery (if the park has some) and repay as fast as I can and also to be able to increase the park's value.

4- You're on a server and you are have an excellent access for building rides,terraforming,building sceneries and among other things on a serious server. What would you do in a serious server in first place?
A- Talk a bit to the friends and aqquatances before building something good.
B- Say hello (and related stuff) and them build some roller coasters.
C- Decorate the entire park and help other to decorate other people's rides.
D- Just have a good talk to your firends on the server.
E- Try to make realistic stuff.
F- Make something funny.

5- You and your friends are on the server and you're struggling to build a good roller coaster because of the financial issues. What would you do in this situation?
A- Keep building the coaster until we finish it even if we have to wait very much for a very little money.
B- Remove some of the park's scenery in order to complete the coaster.
C- Borrow some money from the loan and try finish the coaster building and later if we have enough money to be able to repay the loan.
D- Sacrifice one of the rides (specially if the ride has a good value after being demolished,if it is a bad ride, if the ride lost its value,etc.) in order to help the person to finish his/her ride.

6- You have discovered tha one person is griefing your server. What would you don there?

A- Kick out that griefer.

B- Ban the griefer and also kick him/her.

C- Argue with the griefer.

D- Be kind to the griefer and ask to the griefer to stop doing that.

E- Do nothing.

7- You're doing a cool design for your new coaster on your park. What would you prefer to do?

A- Just make a coaster with a decent stats regardless of laacking realism on it.

B- Make a "in the middle" coaster (not too realistic and neither too unrealistic) and make a good decoration.

C- Make a very realistic coaster and decorate a lot to add more beauty to it.

D- Don't care about beauty or stats,just want to make insanely extreme rides and make people puke.

E- Use the chain lift exploit and don't even care about realism at all.

F- Using a mix of all options moderatly.

8- You have started a new park that doesn't have money and the objective is to have a certain number of guests and not allow to park rating drop bellow 700 in any time. What would you do firstly?

A- Hire a lot of staffs and build a lot of rides.

B- Build a lot of rides and be very careful as possible to the park's rating.

C- Build a lot of coasters with inclusion of the sceneries.

D- Build a lot of rides and add a lot of sceneries.

9- And finally,what is your favorite coaster?You can answer by writing you favorit coaster after your answers from the other 8 question ;)

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1. A
2. D Advertising campaign + Boomerang or modified prebuild w/ On-Ride Photos (Gravity Garden's Treetop Flyer)
3. A (RCT1CF/AA Rotting Heights/RCT2WW Europe-Renovation)
4. C
5. C usually; though without restrictions we'd take E: Build "scam rides" like 1 peice rotos or launched shuttles
6. D in a perfect world; F: set the player to a muted role incapable of doing everything; whitelist if spam
7. B
8. E Build some rides and some scenery and the idle forever not really knowing what to build
9. IRL favorite coaster: Disneyland California's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Favorite type to build: Mine Train Coaster

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1. A- Merry-go-round is always the first to go in :)

2. A- Probably build a couple of cheap profit coasters.

3. A- I'd probably also start spamming bins to reduce litter and put first aid rooms near the high nausea coasters.

4. A

5. A- When I don't have much funds for a coaster I just use time warp until the profit allows me to finish the coaster.

6. D at first, if they continue then A or B

7. B- Due to my limited experience of IRL coasters I tend to focus on looks and what I think the guests would like, even if it's nothing like real coasters.

8. A and D

9. Mine train. I really like the aesthetics of it and the Wild West theme is my favourite in the game.

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