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  1. Thanks for the advice jensj12
  2. I have downloaded the latest version of OpenRCT2,but the antivirus says that it has a Trojan virus. However here's link for the Virus Total results: https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/88ecd13940fee3a0dec8dcb234fddacd56e5287efa9d9bb15601a1fc7464f9b0/analysis/1538330485/ Does anyone has this issues as well or it's just me? I'm worried. Note: The problem has already been solved. Thanks for the advices
  3. I forgot to say that the favorite coaster I meant was the favorite coaster from the game
  4. Hi there, my username is GDL and I'm going to make a good quiz game for everyone here. You can choose a few options that mostly identify as yourself in the game. 1-You're starting a new park and you have 10k.000$ of money and the park is a free to enter and pay for rides. What would you start firstly? A- I'll build some gentle rides first and add a few staffs. B- I'd build a good roller coaster and/or borrow a bit of the loan if it's needed. C- I'd like to build some thrill rides and hire a bunch of staffs patroling each part of the park. 2-You are starting a new park with a di
  5. I'm back Here are some new rides that I'm sharing here: Indusctror: Indusctror(GDL).td6 Nemesis: Nemesis(GDL).td6 Battlelords (dueling Bobsleigh Coaster): Battlelords (Track 1) (GDL).td6 Battlelords (Track 2) (GDL).td6 Rosester: Rosester (GDL).td6 And also a few coasters,but they don't have an image: Robotika (GDL).td6 Alpha (GDL).td6 Serpent(GDL).td6 Silver(GDL).td6 Steamroller.td6 Tangler(GDL).td6 Trilobite(GDL).td6 Warfly (GDL).td6
  6. New Update: Lightning(GDL).td6 Goldenshire(GDL).td6 Forest Rider(GDL).td6 Funny Fact: 9.99 Intensity Rating,3 Laps,9.99/3=3.33,a traingle has 3 sides,lluminati confirmed
  7. Updates: Nemesis(GDL).td6 Indusctror(GDL).td6
  8. Update: Dynamite(GDL).td6 (Requires Couger's Glass Pack for the scenery) Recomended using "Disable Vehicle Limits" Cheat (11 cars per train,3 trains)
  9. Excalibur(GDL).td6 Golden Boy(GDL).td6 Cobalt(GDL).td6 Sparkler(GDL).td6 Aquarius(GDL).td6 Mandriva(GDL).td6 Golden Angel(GDL).td6 Acid Drop(GDL).td6 Frosty Sliders(GDL).td6
  10. Oh,sorry I don't know the idea how to put "Click-to-reveal" yet.If you know how to do that,you can answer.
  11. You should click on the td6 file.It worked to me.
  12. There is my pack of my custom rides from OpenRCT2: Lobster(GDL).td6 Leaper(GDL).td6 Minty(GDL).td6 Orange Split(GDL).td6 Aquadut.td6 The Green Goblin.td6 Black Mamba.td6 Apollo 121.td6 Hijack.td6 Grapeful.td6 Night Looper(GDL).td6 Steamroller.td6 Whipper.td6 Red Rabbit.td6 Octopus.td6 Shredder.td6 (Requires "Show All Operating Modes" Cheat) Revolteiser.td6 (Requires "Show All Operating Modes" Cheat) Centurion(GDL).td6 (Requires "Allow Chain Lift To All Track Pieces" Cheat) Handaxe(GDL)
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