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Easy way to save scenery

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Hello all,

Is there a easy way to save many scenery elements with a ride ?

When I want to save a ride with scenery, game is paused and became gray. I need to select each element.

If I want to save a big building with a ride, it take a long time.. and I'm not sure that all (hidden) elements are selected.

Is it possible to draw an area and tick an option to select all elements included in this area ? Or something else ?

Thanks !

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There is a select near by scenery when you choose to save the ride, even shops and stalls can be selected, I think... ...but I remember this being a big pain with lots of scenery, or a big building... I think there is even a limit on how much can be selected too.  I would like to know if there is an easier way also... could come in a future update, maybe...

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