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So after realizing that I've just been living under a rock for over a decade and not knowing there was OpenRCT2, I dug around and found a couple of old hard drives.  Both of them old Western Digitals, one from 2003, and one from 1999.  I actually did get the one from 2003 to work, the other one played a really awful metallic tune when I tried to fire it up... so... door stop.  I was disappointed that I couldn't find everything, but I found a few things from over a decade ago.  

This one I found is the incomplete version of a park contest that I actually ended up winning at a forum, most likely now extinct... but unfortunately I couldn't find the finished park, but just this save in between.  The date on the file was 05/04/2004 ... so, yeah... it's old... ...I'm old.  This building housed the money machine inside, which is 4 LIM? coasters, with 4 stations each with inner locking loops stacked on one another, and enough venue to keep the peeps inside content.  I think I just ended with building 3 coasters and a water ride with some more scenery around it to finish it off.


Thought I'd share some of the nostalgia as I dig through a past life... 





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