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MultiDimensional Rollercoaster refusing to show ratings.

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OpenRCT2 version: v0.2.0-233 (0b03464 on develop)

For some reason my MultiDimensional Rollercoaster refuses to show ratings at all.

I don't have any "infinite loop" rides at all, all other rides have no problem with their ratings.

No rides are corrupt, save file is not corrupt.

I don't know what the problem is and I'm pretty sure it's a bug of some kind.

Any help/feedback would be welcomed. ^_^


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Hmmmm. Would you be willing to provide the save? Would be easier to troubleshoot in-game, especially if you say there are no "infinite-loop" rides. That seems to always be the culprit.

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Okay, I took a look, and I cannot find any simple reason for this. Time to call in the big guns, and report it to Github. Attach the save file when you do.

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