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Six Flags Polynesia

Six Flags  

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Six Flags Polynesia

Six Flags Polynesia



As some of the Discord memebers knows, i'm starting quite a big project, Six Flags Polynesia (name may be subject to change) , but, i want this siw flags park to be special, i don't want to put already made Six Flags ride (like Goliath), i want original rollercoasters.

I need you

I'm going to be direct, building each and every rollercoaster of Six Flags Polynesia will take me a long time, like, at least 3 months.

If some of you, build coasters for Six Flags Polynesia, the project will go faster, that's why i'll put a poll, asking if you want to participate or not, but be sure to check the rules !

However, there's some rules for building the coaster :

1 - No Custom rides

I want to keep Six Flags Polynesia as Vanilla (at least without mod) as possible.

2 - NCSO

No custom scenery object.

3 - Keep it rideable

I don't want my guests to puke all over the park

4 - Publish your contribution in time

You have until the 31th of August to vote and until the 5th of October to submit your rollercoaster

5 - Keep a Six Flags park to it

What looks worse than a pink coaster next to tree ?

6 - No custom stations

You can build your own station out of scenery pieces but don't use the tile inspector to do crazy stations



That's it 😮 !

I'll keep this post open until the 1Oth of October and then, i'll close it

If you want to, you can post your ideas down below, if you need help, you can put a comment down below !

If you need to, you can contact me on Discord, my username is L3mmy#2307.

To submit your rollercoaster, just put a link to download the map where you built your rollercoaster

I'll accept any friends request on Discord.

Well, good luck building your rollercoasters !

(PS : I want all rollercoaster as quick as possible but you can have a little more time if needed)

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Quick Update for all of you, this is the mountain lake (only terraformed) , if you have any idea for a name, please post your idea ✌️Six Flags Polynesia's Moutain lake

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It looks very mountain-tooly. Try to get more diversity in the landscape, by adding some small bumps everywhere. You may also be interested in creating a heightmap instead, that allows for creating natural looking landscapes easily.

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