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Possibility to change the arrow keys to WASD keys to make me love the game again


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Hello from germany. -  In the last days i rediscovered my old love to the game rollercoaster tycoon 2, but using the arrow keys is getting me down  - It would be so nice if there was the possibility to change/remap the arrow keys to the WASD keys on the keyboard. - In my case i have played nearly 400 hours of factorio (I would recommend to check this game if you don't know it already) and there the WASD keys are used for map scrolling. - Now in OpenRCT2 i always default to this keys and it's a horrific feeling to use the arrow keys instead ;) (or scroll with the mouse) - It would be my number 1 feature if it would be possible to play OpenRCT2 also with WASD keys. :)

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What you're asking is already possible, even in vanilla RCT2 I think.


Go to options, cogs tab, click "Shortcut keys...", then scrolld down to the "Scroll map X" part and simply click on them to change it to a new hotkey.

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