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Question: Object selection

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I'm rather new to OpenRCT, I've noticed the limit on objects and a workaround (I think?) to use all objects in the game.
Although I'm reading that only objects/attractions that haven't been build can be disabled. 

Nevertheless I'm able to disable attractions that I've build, and pick a new one which comes available in the attractions tab. My old attraction that has been disabled, is still in the world functioning but obviously I'm not able to build it again since it's gone from the attractions tab. 

Is this working as intended? Or am I missing something here? Because isn't this a workaround for the limit?



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From what I know, the game should prevent you deselecting rides you've already built. Furthermore, I believe the main reason for these limits is the game's save format. Are you able to save your game and successfully reload? As far as I'm aware the save format shouldn't let you do this, so please share what you've experienced.

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Ride types (Looping roller coaster, wooden roller coaster, twist) are always there, but the vehicles (including those from flat rides) are put into objects. There is no way you can have disabled a vehicle that was in use - even if the dialog would have allowed it, the game would have crashed. What you probably did is disable one of the other vehicles for a ride type.

If you upload your save and tell me which ride you were talking about, I can tell what happened.

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