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World Cup 2018 Park


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Hey everyone! Are you enjoying the Fifa World Cup so far? There is sure some exciting stuff going on!

As a tribute to the on-going Fifa world cup, I made a small park in a few hours. I hope you all enjoy it. Now let me take you on a tour through the park.

Here's the overview of the park. It has 3 coasters and a thrill ride.


When you enter the park, you come across this iconic garden in the shape of the 2018 World cup ball.


Next up is a green coaster called the Neymar coaster. In this coaster, guests can experience the world from Neymar's perspective, which is laying on their backs and screaming for a penalty. Unlike normal lay-down coasters, guests ride this coaster on their backs for most of the ride. A Neymar coaster wouldn't be a Neymar coaster without some time in the spotlights, so that's why this coaster has not one, but three on-ride photo sections.


Outside the coaster are two first aid stations, which will help anyone who suffered any feigned injuries during the ride.


Next coaster in the list is Die Mannschaft, a ride themed after the German football team. While it looks impressive and everyone has high expectations of it, it just disappoints. After some dips and twists, you encounter a South Korean flag, after which the ride sadly ends.

Also pictured is the FIFA employee simulator. In this virtual reality ride, you are put in the body of a FIFA employee who has to grab as much money from rich Russians as possible, without being caught for corruption. A very exciting ride!


The last ride of the park is the Videoref coaster. This coaster simulates a football game with videoref. After a few exciting moments, the coaster brakes and almost comes to a standstill. After a while the coaster continues again. At the end of the coaster, a few minutes of extra time is added to the game.


Of course, the park also has something for the hungry and thirsty guests. FIFA has chosen some brands to supply all the food and drinks. Of course, quality is the highest concern, which is reflected in the shop names.


Alright, that was it! I hope you all enjoyed the park. You can get the save file here:

Fifa World Cup 2018 Park.sv6

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I miss a surprisingly exciting attraction which people didn't expect to be such a main attraction.

 oh wait it's the FIFA 2018 World Cup... (although you could consider Croatia being so but I already expected them to do well)

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2 hours ago, flp said:

Love it.

Even as german i had to smile about the "Die Mannschaft"-Coaster.

Haha nice!

After posting this I also got an idea to make a small area outside the park border and put a closed coaster themed after the Dutch team there :P Maybe if I ever make another version lol

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