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Wood & Steel

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I was messing around in a sandbox park and I thought to myself "I wonder if I could make a Mobius coaster out of two different coasters merged together...". It's probably been done before, but here it is! Two coasters merged together, a Steel Twister called "Steel" and a Wooden coaster called "Wood". Very imaginative, aren't they?. I like to call this a Merged Mobius, but call it what you want.


This is an overview of the coaster(s), showing a very rough station. I'd usually try a bit better on the scenery and add more around the actual coaster (I mostly just use trees though), but this is mainly me experimenting.


Here's the two trains pulling out of the station. Can't see anything wrong here, can you?


And finally the (actually pretty decent by my standards) stats of the two coasters. The stats seem to be calculated a bit weird imo, since both only show one inversion, even though I'd expect either 2 on both or 2 on Steel (since both inversions are made from steel coaster track) and 0 on Wood. I would like to know how the game handles the stats in this rather odd case.

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