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Custom tracks moved to the Tracks folder not available in game

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I just downloaded a bunch of custom tracks and drag-and-dropped them into the Tracks folder where all of the custom rides I created in-game are stored, but none of the new tracks are showing up when I go to build a new ride in the game. I accidentally saved a ride that I created in-game to a different folder and drag-and-dropped it to the Tracks folder, and that one isn't available either, so it's definitely not a compatibility issue. How do I get those rides to load?

I've tried the import tool in Track Designs Manager, but every time I try to use that, the game crashes. (I have an issue about that in Github.)

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@Gymnasiast Good point--I misspoke. I added the files to the OpenRCT2/track folder, and they're not available in-game.

Edit: And now they're magically there. ?! Ah well. No clue what happened, but I'll take it.

On the subject, where to things like custom scenery, paths, etc. go?

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Hi, I'm playing on Android and when I go to the openrct2 folder, there isn't a tracks folder and when I go to the default directory for tracks (which is Openrct2-user) and paste my tracks there and I go to the tracks manager to install them, I press the custom track and it just says 'Unable to open file' or something.

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