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Increase Map Size in One direction ? Copy Paste ?

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I'm trying to build Europa Park and I want to merge Matze Eurosat with Matze Poseidon and my Silver Star.


That's too many objecs to select with the scenery selection tool when you save a ride.


Is it possible to increase a map in one direction, or to copy/paste scenery ?



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38 minutes ago, Dlang said:

Is it possible to increase a map in one direction

No, RCT2 only supports square maps. What you can do is increase the map size, then use black tiles to hide the parts you don't want.


40 minutes ago, Dlang said:

or to copy/paste scenery ?

You can copy and paste individual scenery items with the tile inspector, but you cannot copy and paste a selection. A workaround is to build a tracked ride around the scenery you want to copy, and then use "save track design with scenery". You can then place the design where you want the scenery, and delete the ride.

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Yes I know about the « save ride design with scenery but I want to add 18 000 (Eurosat’s dome) objects and you can select 255.


is there another way? I need to expand the map in an other direction/move the rides and scenery  

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