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Game kind of frozen

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Got the Linux update this morning and was running well all day until now. Went into the game and the people were either not moving or would "jump" to a new spot. Also the coaster (only rides I have in park) are being weird: it looks like there is one coaster right above another one. One will move and then it looks like they are coming apart: looks like only one or two cars move. However, if I click on the coaster and get the box up where I can change things, the animation is fine in the box, but not on the main part of the screen.


Sorry that my first post has to be a bad one. I want you to know how very happy I am that I can now play my all-time favorite game again!!!  THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!

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Tried it again last night: kinda weird. There are areas where the people and the rides move normally, but it appears like the problem is in sections. In one section, everything is fine. But, right next to that, people aren't moving and the trains on the coaster are not moving correctly.

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