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255 Ride/Stall Limit is way too low.

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I'm writing because I've seen that the 255 limit can be very limiting on popular players. I am new to the game (and subsequently to the forums) but I am just plain amazed at how amazing OpenRCT2 is. I know that there are plans in the future to remove the limits seen in the game but I am curious to how soon something like this will be addressed. I know that there is apparently a large amount of assembly code for the source and it is amazing how people are so dedicated to working on this project. However, on large servers, when you have 50 or so various people (over the lifetime of the map), joining at random times and building their own contraptions, the 255 limit gets hit really quickly. In order to extend the lifetime of the map cutbacks are made to unnecessary stalls and stuff but it would be better if this wasn't necessary in the first place.

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We have been getting the question since the dawn of time. The amount of code in the RCT2 is not the problem, nor is the hand-written assembly. The biggest problem is the SV6 file format, which enforces most of RCT2's limits. We have been working on decoupling OpenRCT2 from it, as well as creating a new save format.

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