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Splashpark's New manager (Custom Scenario)

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Hello there, i have made a custom scenario with default and custom rides. 

It's a challenging map where the objective is to get 2,950 guests but it's gonna  be hard attract them! So if you can play in multiplayer this map it may be easier to complete. anyways enjoy! PS: In the screenshots the amount of money does not appear, but when you download the scenario you'll see how many money is active, there is money on it.

Download: Splash Park's new manager.sc6




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I'll give this a shot!  Looks like an interesting scenario!  


Edit... 24 hours later... this scenario is no joke.  Without trying to give to much away, ...throwing all the curves at us on this one...

At a point where I'm trying to pay off the loan so I can refocus my efforts towards more puke proof rides... I admit, I'm struggling with this one, but trying to preserver through.  Great elements to this scenario!


Day 2 at it... Took forever to pay that 30k loan back, with a refurb of all the rides in between... while yanking one handyman around like a monkey on a string... with the loan paid off, now I can afford two.  Roughing in more rides so I can increase admission and stretch my paths to stave off the over crowding crashes, as I continue to push the advertisements in small increments.  Yes, I plopped down 4 more bumper cars... I'm was/am desperate!


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