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Avoiding peeps crowds on more tile stairs

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Sry for the creepy title. I didn't know how to descripe the problem in short words. 



Currntly I am building park ways which have a width of 3 way tiles. But sometimes there are point where peeps get stuck and build crowds. Mostly this happens on stairs. At the attached image you can see a "stair" consisting 5 ways up (I made them invisible, but this makes no difference). Now there a many peeps running in circles and never get out. A few guys do nevertheless. So I can really say that the way tiles are connected correctly. I had a look at the tile inspector which shows the connections. But I tried to rebuild it. But there is always the same problem. This does not happens at all stairs. It happens only at some point. Sometimes at simple places without stairs. 

Is thisna bug at the routing engine? Is there a fault of mine? Can I avoid this behaviour? 


Greets S-Man


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I think I see what the problem is. 

Most of the peeps on those stairs are trying to leave the park or trying to get to another destination (a ride or shop).

In the peep pathfinding algorithm peeps will look ahead a certain amount of junctions to find their route.

The game calculates which paths are wide paths and makes peeps ignore them, to reduce the amount of junctions peeps encounter. It does not do this for stairs however, because technically all stairs are single tile wide paths, which are not connected to their neighbours on the side.  In the picture below i marked some of the places where the game finds junctions. 


Because of the high amount of junctions near the stairs the peeps are not able to find their way and will walk around in circles. 

How to solve this? You need to reduce the number of junctions, to make pathfinding easier.

Something like this would already help a lot:


You could hide the places where it's disconnected by using full-tile paths. (those are custom paths that fill the entire tile, no matter which edges are connected)

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