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I have made a multiplayer server which i will try to host as much as possible. It consists of 16 squares, of which people who are active on either the OpenRCT2.org discord or the Roller Coasters and Friends discord can claim one.



Several squares have already been claimed. I will probably host it for 2-3 weeks before i will close the server and post the save here.

Following rules apply:

- To build stuff, you must be accepted by either me or Lordmarcel

- To claim a square, put a sign in the square with your name on it.

- No ultra extreme intensities or crashing rides. Try to make decent stuff. Don't build offensive stuff.

- A maximum 15 rides & shops per area.

- People that are trusted by me or LordMarcel will get rights to turn on cheats. When using cheats, only leave them on for the time you need them. When using a cheat, announce it to the server in the chat.

- People who are inactive for a long time will have their plot emptied if other players want to join.

- After a few weeks, i will post the save game here, and will start a new map.

- If you don't behave well, you will be removed.

- Final rule: have fun!


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And we're done with the first round!

Here's the save:

Deurklink Multiplayer Round 1.sv6


Here's a giant screenshot of the entire map:


Some highlights (But everything looks nice in the park!):

LiaoScot built this amazing little jungle:



Rugnir made this awesome-looking area! I love how you put that sign up there!


@Broxzier made this really cool Yoshi art! One of the few areas without a roller coaster.


A last minute addition from @YrHendyStu. A dueling launched twister coaster. @Deurklink may or may not have built that Skywarp next to it.


And finally, the square that just blew me away (and was finished really quickly!), made by @TomGarstenveld!

Good job guys!

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