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Getting no guests in WW Asia Scenario??

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I just bought RCT2 off Steam a couple of days ago and paired it with OpenRCT2. All good.

I wanted to do the WW scenario 'Asia - Great Wall of China' in which you have to raise and keep the park rating to 800+ with money not being an object.

After several of my own (quickly) failed attempts I found a girl on youtube doing this exact scenario, but even though I tried copying her approach (which worked..) still 0 guests was arriving at my park, obviously failing the objective. 

So, there's clearly some bug afoot here - How do I solve this problem?

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This is a bug, in that the scenario does not have the peep spawn point set. I've reported it on Github, see here:


If you want to fix it yourself, here are the steps. Enable cheats, and then from the cheats menu, enable sandbox mode.

Great Wall of China 2018-01-20 22-13-10.png

Then, open the map window, it should look like this.

Great Wall of China 2018-01-20 22-13-49.png

Click the peep button, and purple grid will show up. Note that there is no blue arrow on the entry path.

Great Wall of China 2018-01-20 22-13-52.png

Highlight the entry path as shown, make sure the arrow is pointing towards the park gate, then click.

Great Wall of China 2018-01-20 22-13-58.png


Highlighted portion of path should turn blue, and peeps should start entering the landscape.

Great Wall of China 2018-01-20 22-14-02.png

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On 1/21/2018 at 07:36, Shayah said:

This fixed it! Thank you so much :D - I haven't played this since I was a kid so I gotta get back into everything again. Your help is hugely appreciated!!



No problem, glad to help you out. Hopefully the dev team will fix this so others don't go through the same troubles.

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