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Is it possible to make custom scenario objectives?

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There is only like 5 or 6 objectives in the game for the editor. Is there a way to make this hypothetical scenario work. It is the cold war and you have to create a park to fund the U.S.'s nuclear weapons program. Make 500 1950's rockets by the end of year 4.

Is there a way to make this possible? Is there any instance of someone insterting a custom objective into the game? Please tell me.

Also where can you find the rules I am new here.

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No, you cannot have custom scenario objectives. You could probably add a new one to the game, if you really wanted to, but the one you've suggested is way too specific. It'd only be used in that one scenario.


Also, what would "make 500 1950s rockets" entail? Placing scenery items?

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How difficult would it be to create a custom objective?  (Is it say, as easy as copying an existing objective, then using Notepad+, a C+ program editor or the like to fiddle around with it?  Or is it so hard that you would have to painstakingly build the code from scratch and take many, many shots in the dark until it works?)

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