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  1. No, I meant a openrct port that uses RCT classic as the base rather than RCT2.
  2. Could a port using Roller coaster tycoon classic be possible? I would really like to play this port on my phone without pirating. Also the computer version is great!
  3. Yes but now I realize that would be hard to fit on a map.
  4. There is only like 5 or 6 objectives in the game for the editor. Is there a way to make this hypothetical scenario work. It is the cold war and you have to create a park to fund the U.S.'s nuclear weapons program. Make 500 1950's rockets by the end of year 4. Is there a way to make this possible? Is there any instance of someone insterting a custom objective into the game? Please tell me. Also where can you find the rules I am new here.
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