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imlegos' Christmas Conversion Maps


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So, this year I had the idea of taking some official maps and remaking them with a snowy/christmas style, using mostly a gingerbread wall set.

Crazy Gingerbread Castle RC2.sc6 (RCT2 - Crazy Castle)


5a32fac489269_CGCDetails.png.f4776d7b088617a78c48ebad663f554d.pngExtra Notes: removed most Shuttle capable coasters, Added several other rides in their place. Removed Medieval & Creepy style (To make room for...), Added Gingerbread Wall Set

Holiday Harbor.sc6 (RCT1CF/AA Haunted Harbor)

(Image Error)

5a32fbc171655_HHDetails.png.f1d5427761a2707cf8c9036e35d1cf1a.pngExtra Notes: Added ATM as a researchable object, added Snow & Ice themeing


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