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So, we did multiplayer maybe we can do this.

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So I had this idea we could make like an in-game custom content browser and downloader, and would sync up with the custom content subforum, kind of like the Steam Workshop but tweaked down to the level of technology this is at, but you know since this is open source, some people could actually do this, I can't do this because I'm an idiot and don't know c++ or any coding except batch files.

So is this a good idea or not?

Also here's a look at what iexample.thumb.PNG.1cfbfff089fbacf63bbe242ad73f5526.PNGt could look like: ( this is an edited image not a real thing ) (sorry for the amounts of the color blue I'm lazy)

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I think a problem is that some of the more well known content sites, like RCTMart and Amazing Earl have sorta... disapearred, RCTMart's been down for awhile not and I've not heard anything about Earl for awhile either. Though, since there's a lot of crossover between us and New Element it might connect to their content browser.


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