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Is there (or can there be) any way to play the original RCT1 scenarios?

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So I bought RCT2, hoping to eventually spend some time in it, but for some reason it doesn't like my system, and almost any time I try to close the program, and frequently if I try to switch between different programs, it crashes my whole system, which meant now that I had RCT2, it was time to get OpenRCT2, for all the extra features, and hopefully better stability.

But I still love playing through the scenarios from RCT1, and I have read a number of comments from others that RCT2 doesn't have nearly as good of scenarios.

So no harm in asking, but does OpenRCT2 currently (or perhaps might it in the future) allow the opening of RCT1 scenarios to play? I've already bought 1, 2 & 3, plus Classic for my phone (which I never have the time or patience to play on the phone, which makes it a wasted purchase), so I really don't want to purchase Classic for the computer, especially since there are reports of lots of crashes.

The idea of enjoying more of the features from 1 and 2, while playing some of my favorite scenarios (like Pacific Pyramids, Paradise Pier, and others) would be wonderful. Maybe some of the track pieces that exist in 2, but not in 1 (like going up or down while banking) would be available, allowing more options while designing coasters. Anyway, no harm in asking.

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Actually, I have been discovering lots of pluses and minuses.

For example, many coasters that can be power launched shuttle coasters in RCT1 can't in RCT2 because either the feature was removed, or was limited to too low a speed to make it work. Or coaster 'families' that could be researched in one month in RCT1 require multiple months in RCT2. So maybe I should stick to 1 for 1's scenarios, even though it means I lose some of the nifty OpenRCT2 features.

Meh ... we shall see.

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