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duplicate rides and park value

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hi all,


I came across a detailed essay that explained the theory of park value.  In this essay is clearly suggests that having duplicate rides is very detrimental to park value.


However, I have the following questions:


1) does this mean only one of each class of ride?  or can I build one of each design within a class of ride in a park before getting the duplicate ride penalty.

2) How does this work when you have very limited classes of rides available?

3) I often see examples of parks where multiples of the same ride appear to have been placed.  Is there a trick to avoiding the penalty, or is this somethign really only to be avoided where one of the scenarios goals is to reach a certain park value.


I ask this because I am in a scenario where I have to reach $300,000 park value and I am currently capped out at $284,000.  I have one of each class of ride, and in some cases multiple designs of the same class of ride (which I had done before I read the article mentioned above).  So now I am wondering if I should demolish the duplicates within class or what else I can ry.  I have lowerd the prices on the rides to get more ridership, but I seem to have long ques at all rides so I think ridership is near max.  So not sure of next steps.

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