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Cannot build rollercoaster with abstract scenery

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I have a bit of an issue trying to build a roller coaster that I built with abstract art covering it. When I try to build it with the scenery, there is no ride and the ride detail window doesn't show the name and train type of it. I attempted to try and modify the ride and the construction window that popped up was one when a dinghy water ride is being constructed. I thought of the fact that maybe I have hit the object/scenery limit, but I had no problem saving it.

Build: 25b7226 | Version 0.1.2 x64 [Develop]

Cannot build.png

No scenery.png



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3 hours ago, Broxzier said:

Did you originally build this ride with clearance checks disabled? It looks like the end points would collide. You cna probably still build the ride if you have clearance checks disabled when placing it.

What's weird is when I first built the ride, I didn't have clearance checks disabled, it was only after saving it to file and re-building it when this started happening. But, disabling it did fix it. Thank you for the help!

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