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The RCT2 Object .DAT Database Website... AWOL...

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Hello, y'all!

Whatever happened to the original RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Object Database that was online some years ago?!?!  Would anybody have archive copies of its contents (object .DAT files, tracked ride/attraction files, saved games, scenarios, utilities, ...) that were hosted on there?!?!  We should recreate this on our OpenRCT2.org website, under the Downloads section:

(A) SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS (we have that page on here now)—downloads of the latest edition and development builds for OpenRCT2, with a downloads link for the related OpenRCT2 Launcher.

(B) OPENRCT2 OBJECT DATABASE—our newly-updated version of the now-defunct website where we'd download all our custom-made object .DAT files and packs.

(C) OPENRCT2 TRACKS DATABASE—a newly-created site where we'll download any tracked rides/attractions we'd need.

(D) OPENRCT2 PARKS DATABASE—a brand-new site to get your user-created scenarios and saved games.

(E) OPENRCT2 TOOLS DATABASE—a site of links for downloads of useful tools and utilities to enhance our enjoyment of OpenRCT2.

Please contribute to this new project.  Thank You!


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