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Object selection option for Clear Scenery tool


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It could be really useful to be able to select a specific type of scenery object to clear with the Clear Scenery tool.

I have a feeling this might not be too difficult to implement, but I could easily be wrong there. I know some web code but I've never messed with C+.

Often I find myself changing my mind about something and needing to clear a bunch of the same object, but I don't want to affect other objects nearby. This can be particularly annoying with scenery items with only 1-pixel-wide elements like certain grass elements and numerous railings and other small details.

It would need some way to display what object you've selected to be sure you've selected the proper target. Selecting the intended object could be implemented just like the Scenery Picker tool, or as a drop-down or some other type of menu. The advantage of the latter would be that it wouldn't require finding an initial object to sample and clicking accurately to select it, but there are some obvious downsides to that approach as well. Come to think of it, you could possibly leverage the existing scenery menu and add a bulldozer icon that would open a Clear Scenery tool targeted to only the selected object.

Huge props for all the great work you guys do over here. I've been away from the game for years but RCT Classic got me back playing scenarios on my couch and once I found OpenRCT2 I knew I was hooked again.



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I'm doing a recreation right now of a real life park, and this would be really useful for changing the roof type of buildings (just ran into having to click on quarter tile roof pieces to delete them all just to change the type). It would be a really useful feature for sure, but we'll have to see if someone more knowledgeable can tell us if its possible with the code. After all, this game is so effing efficient you could run it on a shower curtain, but the code and save format limits some things.

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