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Few parks


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I want to show you some parks built in multiplayer, and one as single project. Almost all of them are unfinished, so if you like you can work on them, or you just view and delete from your computer. 
ALL credits goes to the players :D 

10x200 park 25.sv659abf0e52287d_10x200park2017-09-0313-00-20.thumb.png.327dfaf2bc65ebe3a857f4aecacdc3f7.png


Gentle Park7.sv659abf108db7c8_GentlePark72017-09-0313-26-26.thumb.png.d027d7f168a4b3f655092749cd0d026c.png

my multi sandbox1-2.sv6



MY MULTI17.sv659abf144b4b26_Mymulti172017-09-0313-39-50.thumb.png.11c38da6f17d0541e7a431fa7fa80c10.png

Unfinished project :D 

Przemek Park comp3.sv659abf160e7fc5_PrzemekPark2017-09-0313-45-19.thumb.png.b4778a1de2b25c78b40ef840c29df49a.png


small tinypark 4.sv659abf181f1b83_SmallTinyParkCity2017-09-0313-55-30.thumb.png.268e2cd405df49e7d340448873664ae5.png

Cheers and have a nice day! :D 

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