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Trying to load parks with custom scenery/rides

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Hey guys. I've been trying to load a couple of parks that I made in RCT2 years ago. Only problem is that they contain all different types of objects that are extremely hard to come by. Upon attempting to load a park, it'll display a list of all custom objects/rides that I currently do not have installed. Now, I've noticed that it gives me the option to copy the objects to clipboard. However, what exactly does this do? I've attempted pasting them elsewhere but it appears that nothing has even been copied to the clipboard. Am I using this feature correctly? Is it actually supposed to assist me with installing these files or is it just simply a list of the objects I'll need to find? Clarification would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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That's strange - I'm able to copy and paste the list just fine. But failing that, you can copy down the names manually. It's tedious if there's a lot of objects missing, but if you have a lot of missing objects then downloading them all is going to be tedious anyway.

It's a good idea to make sure "export plug in objects with saved games" is selected, so you avoid this problem in future. It causes all custom objects to be included with the savegame, which inflates the filesize but it ensures you'll always be able to load it.

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