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Monorail to get to rest of park

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I've been fooling around with making parks where there are no rides at the entrance except a monorail that guests must ride to get the main part of the park (with rides and food) like Disney World

It works a little bit, but then guests get lost or the entrance gets overly crowded and I ultimately have to build a path (which I'm begrudgingly ok with)

Anybody try this? Anyways to encourage more guests to ride monorail (yes I've tried making it free) instead of taking paths.
I saw someone used hedge mazes to encourage a multiple queue line at the entrance of a park and maybe this could be used in combination

The idea behind it is having the good rides and food far away from the entrance so guests stay longer.

But also aesthetically ripping off the Disney World concept where everyone has to ride the monorail.

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I've totally tried this before, and it ultimately has to do with the AI of the peeps. They don't see the monorail as "transportation", they see it as a "ride". So unless they want to ride that particular ride, they won't. This leads to the peeps who don't want to ride the monorail but want to ride the rides at the back of the park getting really frustrated because they can't find their way to the back of the park (they endlessly look for a path and cant find it, so they get angry). 

I'd just have the monorail and the path, and just put the path underground and disguise the entrances and exits with scenery. That way it will look like the monorail is the only access, but the game AI won't get in your way of making a nice park.

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