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Weird Scenery Bug

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I have a weird bug that every time I try to build a ride with a lot of scenery, I can build it, but as I move it for placement throughout the park, the "possible" white image remains for some of it. I can save the game and reload it and the white disappears. However, then the ride has missing pieces of scenery. I use a Mac and have tried deleting the application and application support and redownloading the newest and previous versions, but it still occurs. Just began today when I downloaded the newest update though.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 10.05.36 PM.png

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It occurs when I have tried building the Elevator rides with scenery, Oil Derrick and Sky Tower. It also occurs in every park I tried to build it in where the ride is available (ie Build your own six flags park, custom scenario) and I tried it on a5e9522 and it still occurs. It's weird though because I didn't start having this problem until yesterday.

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