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Custom content in base game scenarios

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So I downloaded and installed the custom content in the game and it works somewhat fine, but I have a question...Does the game research these newly added custom content in base game scenarios or how do I get them? I'm able to play with custom content on custom scenario basis, meaning that I can only play with these custom contents that are in a savegame (e.g. mrBones map = mrBones content). Then again, I downloaded a save game of Forest Frontiers which is RCT1's first scenario and there were custom contents. 

Just wanted to know, if I must edit the base game scenarios and will it affect unlocking new scenarios?

Sorry, if this problem is on repeat. Did a little research on google and here and didn't stumble upon the same topic as mine.

Thanks in advance! :)

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3 hours ago, jensj12 said:

Once you've enabled debug tools in the options, click and hold the cogs in the top toolbar and select 'object selection'. There you can edit the available objects in-game.


Also, if you add objects manually to a save game that way, it only affects that save game, not the scenario it came from, which is left unchanged.

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